Hongkong Storage x Asia Miles Redemption Program Terms & Conditions

1.This Offer is valid for Customer2 who commits or renews the Hongkong Storage Self Storage service1 from 1st Oct, 2015, based on the contract effective date.
2.This Offer is valid from 1st Oct, 2015 until further notice.
3.The Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offers.
4.Customer should commit at least 6 months contract to enjoy the Offer.
5.The Asia Miles redemption is only eligible for Hongkong Storage's customer and is not transferable.
6.Customer needs to present their original Asia Miles membership card upon contract sign up/renewal.
7.Only self storage rental spending is applicable to mileage redemption.
8.The mileage redemption will be calculated at HK$2 = 1 mile. The decimal point will be truncated. E.g.: The rental spending of the month is HK$1,001; the mileage entitled will be 500 miles.
9.Deposit and other expenses other than rental are not applicable for mileage redemption.
10.If Customer fails to settle the rental payment before the payment due date, no mileage will be granted that month.
11.In case of rental prepayment, the miles will be credited to Customer's Asia Miles account in proportion to the contract term on monthly basis. E.g.: HK$12,000 for 12 months rental prepayment, average monthly rental is HK$ 1,000, therefore 500 miles will be credited to Customer's account monthly for 12 months.
12.Asia Miles will be credited to the Customer's account from 6 to 8 weeks normally after the last day of each payment month.
13.Once the Customer accepts the Offer, it is not allowed to withdraw from the Offer before the contract expiry.
14.Hongkong Storage reserves the right on applying an admission fee if Customer terminates the contract within contract period.
15.Hongkong Storage takes no responsibility for the acts or omissions of Asia Miles Limited.
16.Hongkong Storage and Asia Miles Limited reserve the right to change, vary or terminate the Offer from time to time without notice.
17.In case of disputes, Hongkong Storage and Asia Miles Limited reserve the right of final decision.
18.Other Asia Miles terms and conditions shall apply.


1.Please read the list of designated branches.

2.Hongkong Storage reserves the right to change the Self Storage branch list of the promotion.