Self Storage

Since 1997, Hongkong Storage provides quality self storage service to Hong Kong's household. Our self storage facility network covers N.T., Kowloon and Hong Kong Island . With our transport fleet, we aim to provide the best self storage service in Hong Kong

Document Storage

Document Storage

Hongkong Storage can help you store your documents offsite. After you pack documents into storage boxes, we will come pick them up and store them in our climate control facilities. When you need the documents back, we will deliver them to your office or a location of your choice.

With knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, we understand the requirement of different industries. Our aim is to provide a less complicated and more cost effective solution to business in Hong Kong.

Valet Storage

Valet Storage Hong Kong

Yes-Storage is an innovative storage service. Instead of having you commute to self storage facility, We will come to your home and pick up your storage, store them in our warehouse, and deliver back to you whenever needed.

Yes-Storage eliminate the distance between self storage and your home, hence providing you an effortless storage experience.

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